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Sketch of a design for New Shop Fronts for Westmoreland Street

Elevation of Westmoreland Street (West side), extending from the Portico of the House of Lords to Fleet Street, and design for New Shops by A. Baker, Architect,1799. Approved 30 Jan 1800, Thomas Sherrard, 1800. General information: This sketch is the third in a series of four designs for the west side of Westmoreland St. which was produced for the Wide Streets Commission by Henry A. Baker between 1799 and 1800. The first design (now missing) featured a colonnade running along the full length of the street. The second design omitted the colonnade and was approved by the Commission on 1 August 1799. (See WSC/Maps/194). A number of objections were later raised to the second design and the Commission then asked Baker to prepare a third one. (WSC/Maps/195/1 a-b). This was executed in 1799 and was submitted to the Commission on 30 January1800. Baker’s third design shows an elevation for a terrace of seven five-storey houses of regular shape with plain fenestration in all upper storeys. This was in marked contrast to his second design, which featured projections, ornamental friezes, balconies and recesses as well as varied fenestration. When submitting this third design to the Commission, Baker offered a choice of two featured facades for the shops at ground level. The first façade contained a revival of the colonnade, which here was to be ten feet deep. The shop windows were to be arched. This façade was rejected by the Commission. (See WSC/Maps/195/1 a; negative no. 5). The second façade was approved by the Commission and was signed by Lord Donoughmore as Chairman. This omitted the colonnade and featured rectangular shop windows, with separate business and residential entrances. (See WSC/Maps/195/1 b; negative no. 23). A final version of this design, with some modifications, was approved by the Commission in February 1800. (See WSC/Maps/195/2). Architect : Henry A Baker Scale: 6' : 1" Size a) 18¼ " × 29" (Scale bar)- 48cms x 73½ cms b) 7½ " x 28 " - 19 cms x 71½ cms Paper (2 sheets, one carrying the main design, one carrying an alternative design placed on top, each sheet watermarked ‘J. Whatman); ink; watercolours

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