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Stories of the Month for May 2024

May 2024: Hidden Gems. Part 2

We've unearthed several new hidden gems awaiting transcription. Their potential to shine is in your hands!


FRBNSA-084 Gaston Charoy | 6e régiment génie territorial

78 Items

War diary of Gaston Charoy, who, after being taken as a prisoner at Fort Orff in Ingolstadt in September 1914, spent four years in Amberg, Bavaria.

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44 Items

The original theater drama "Modesta" by José Guilherme dos Santos. Manuscript from the archives of Teatro Nacional D. Maria II.

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Photographs from the collection of Karol and Wanda Młodnicki || Fotografie ze zbiorów Karola i Wandy Młodnickich

101 Items

Photographs and autographs from the collection of Karol Młodnicki, a Polish artist, and his wife Wanda, a writer and translator.

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FRAD062_036 - Gustave Deneuville | 1910-1960

299 Items

A large collection of postcards written by and addressed to Gustave Deneuville, who served in and survived the First World War.

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Previous Stories of the Month

April 2024: Up into Space

On April 12, 1961, the first human journey into space took place. This month, we are celebrating the spirit of exploration and the limitless possibilities of space by presenting to you our Astronomy-themed collection. Start your own celestial journey through time with our historical documents!


Manuscrits de la bibliothèque Carré d'art de Nîmes. Mélanges d'astronomie et d'histoire naturelle. Lettre à Séguier.

2 Items

Letter from Lodovico Zucconi (1706-1783), an author of 'De heliometri structura et usu' (1760) to Jean-François Séguier (1703-1784), a French astronomer, about his observation of a comet.

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Astronomical observations and correspondences of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. || Observations et correspondances astronomiques des XVIIe et XVIIIe siècles.

190 Items

Among others are observations made in Beijing by the French Jesuits in 1694 and 1695 and an observation of the lunar eclipse, in 1776, by Le Monnier.

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Astronomia pisana przez Michała Pełkę Polińskiego w czasie Lekcyy dawanych przez W[ielebne]go Jgnacego Reszkę Professora Astronomii w Jmperatorskim Wilenskim Uniwersytecie z Roku 1804 na 1805; z Roku 1805 na 1806; z R[ok]u 1807 na 1808 /

182 Items

The course of Ignotas Reška's astronomy lectures (1804, 1805, 1807), given at the Vilnius Imperial University, and written down by his student M. Pelkas-Polinskis. Included are astronomical calculations, formulas, and drawings.

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„Wielmozny Mosci Dobrodzieiu Z nieskonczonym utesknieniem czekam od WUM Pana Dia listu, bos mi...“

1 Item

Martynas Počobutas (1728-1810), a Polish–Lithuanian astronomer and mathematician, reports that he observed Mercury moving across the Sun.

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„Monsieur et très cher ami. Prawda, że czas nam przerwać tak długie milczenie...“

1 Item

After a long time since their last correspondence, Martynas Počobutas (1728-1810) writes a letter to the addressee about his life, work and observations.

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„Opisanie Krzesła słuzącego do obserwacji Astronomicznych“

1 Item

Description of the chair used in astronomical observations sent to Martynas Počobutas (1728-1810) in Warsaw.

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Sir, the expence of the instruments which You desire... : [laiškas].

1 Item

Nevil Maskelyne (1732-1811), a prominent British astronomer, responds to Norvaiša's letter by providing him with information regarding the prices of the ordered devices and providing recommendations on alternative manufacturers capable of producing the necessary devices.

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March 2024: Women in History

Let's celebrate this Women's History Month by delving into the inspiring historical documents penned by and addressed to remarkable women! Find more stories in our ongoing Women's History Run.


Papiers de Pauline Viardot.XIXe-XXe s. III Lettres adressées à Louis Viardot.

266 Items

Letters addressed to Pauline Viardot (1821-1910), French soprano, pedagogue and composer, by other renowned personalities of the 19th century.

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Listy Heleny Modrzejewskiej do rodziny i przyjaciół

90 Items

Helena Modrzejewska (1840-1909), known also by her stage name Helena Modjeska, was a Polish actress, a diva of the Polish national theatre. The story includes her correspondence with relatives and friends.

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Notatnik Narcyzy Żmichowskiej - wspomnienia o ludziach i zdarzeniach 1875

194 Items

Diary of Narcyza Żmichowska (1819-1876), a Polish novelist and poet, who left a great impact on feminist literature of the 19th century.

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Nurse Ella Brigid McCarthy

7 Items

Photographs and letters of Ella Brigid McCarthy, who was born on 21 May 1886 in Ireland. She went to England and qualified as a nurse at a young age. In 1915 she volunteered for Red Cross work and was sent in May to Egypt.

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[81 lettres de Pauline Viardot aux éditeurs Heugel, 1878-19.] (manuscrit autographe)

223 Items

Letters by Pauline Viardot (1821-1910), French soprano, pedagogue and composer, to her publishers Heugel.

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February 2024: Anthropology

February is a proud host to the World Anthropology Day, which takes place on the third Thursday of the month each year. In anticipation of the 15th of February, let's explore and embrace the incredible diversity of human culture.


On the Beginnings of Human Speech and Civilisation || O początkach mowy ludzkiej i cywilizacji

176 Items

"On the beginnings of human speech and civilization", by Stefan Pawlicki (1839-1916). Excerpt from the script "Sociology and Psychology of Nations"(Kraków, 1888), with corrections and changes made by the author. The basis of the script were Pawlicki’s lectures at the Faculty of Theology of the Jagiellonian University, delivered in 1893/1894.

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Metody etnologii

7 Items

"Methods of ethnology" - handwritten notes of a Polish anthropologist, Stanisław Poniatowski (1884-1945).

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“Review of Mr Ramsay’s speech on mythology,” by Claude CAPPERONNIER. || « Examen du discours de M. Ramsay sur la mythologie, » par Claude CAPPERONNIER.

22 Items

"Examination of Mr. Ramsay's speech on mythology" by Claude Capperonnier. With an autograph letter from Ramsay, in response to the previous examination, dated Paris, January 14, 1728.

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Ο γάμος στην παλαιά εποχή - Παραδόσεις, Τοπωνύμια εκ Ερμιονίδος, της επαρχίας Ναυπλίας του νομού Αργολίδος.

39 Items

"Marriage in ancient times - Traditions, Toponyms from Ermionis, in the district of Nafplio, in the prefecture of Argolis." By Maria Georg Zepou, 1968.

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