March Madness on Transcribathon

We are excited to announce the launch of Transcribathon Romania, which will be kicking off in Bucharest on Tuesday 21 March 2017! This week-long event will take place in four cities across Romania, where teams will compete in 48-hour runs to transcribe the rich collection of Romanian documents on Europeana 1914-1918. A particular focus is put on the transcription of the beautifully-illustrated diaries of Dimitru Nistor, who spent the entire war in prisoner of war camps in Japan. Discover his intriguing story here.

After the success of the first international Transcribathon in Latvia in the beginning of November 2016, Transcribathon Romania is the second of these special events to be taking place. Like competitions, these events are time-limited and winners receive prizes.

Follow the progress of the Run here or through the hashtag #WW1Romania in social media!

The second exciting announcement is the launch of the WW1 Poetry Run, which will be kicking off on 21 March on the occasion of World Poetry Day 2017! In order to deal with the daily horror of the war, soldiers and civilians all over Europe took to writing poetry about what they were going through, thereby establishing war poetry as a literary genre.

A useful introduction to WW1 Poetry can be found in the tutorials from the University of Oxford’s Great War Archive, which provides a great overview of this particular literary genre.

The Run is a regularly-updated selection of documents, hand-picked to open up your poetic veins on Transcribathon. Explore the variety of illuminating poetic manuscripts, songs and pictures here.

Immerse yourself in the poetic words and metaphors of the young soldier-poets of WW1 and don’t forget to spread the word on your social media accounts with the hashtag #WW1Poetry.

The WW1 Poetry Run is part of a bigger effort of Europeana to highlight European treasures of textual sources through the #AllezLiterature campaign.