One Month of Celebrating the Love Stories of WW1

A big, hearty thank you to all our romantics and dedicated transcribers who have fervently been transcribing away at the personal testimonies of the husbands, wives and lovers of Europe! The Love Letter Run has received a magnificent reception by various commentators online. This article in particular shines light on the great romance between two lovers as they wrote to each other during their separation.

Our transcribers have been making exceptional headway in transcribing our specially selected love stories. In the short time of one month, 702 documents were completed and 2066 were in progress - overall amounting to 2768 finished transcriptions on the website! We are particularly thrilled by the level of teamwork between our transcribers in reviewing and helping their peer’s work, without which this Run would never be this successful.

During this time period, we also welcomed 366 new transcribers into the Europeana Transcribe 1914-1918 community, with some of them reaching champion level at great speed. That’s the biggest increase in transcribers that we have ever had in such a short time!

As this Run is ongoing, the Transcribathon Team has regularly been uploading new selections of documents, such as passionate letters and poems, to keep your emotions running and your hearts racing! Discover the latest hand-picked sources in multiple languages here.

Keep your eyes peeled for new campaigns and carry on with the great work! Don’t forget to spread the word to your friends on your social media accounts with the hashtag #WW1LoveLetters and keep following the Europeana campaign #AllezLiterature