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Map of angle of Cavendish Row, Rutland Square and Great Britain Street - showing unsigned elevations and ground plan of Rotunda by Frederick Trench.

Plan of Cavendish St./Great Britain St. by Thomas Sherrard, with unsigned Elevations, 1787; and ground plan of Rotunda/New Assembly Rooms by Frederick Trench, 1787. General Information: The development of Cavendish Row commenced in 1786 and this ground plan and elevation was approved by the Wide Streets Commission on 9 March 1787. The ground plan for building lots both there and in Great Britain St. is by Thomas Sherrard. The elevations are unsigned, but were possibly by Frederick Trench, and amateur architect who was a member of the Commission. The elevation to Cavendish Row is for a terrace of four four-story houses, with rusticated quoins and rustication at ground level. Balconies are at all windows on the first floor. The elevation to Great Britain St. includes (on left) the return of the corner house on Cavendish Row. The houses in Great Britain St. are on a more modest scale and lack rustication. A note by the architect is as follows: ‘The Style of Buildings proposed here has long been in use on the Continent, and found uncommonly convenient in procuring Bed Chambers contiguous to Shops or the Apartments of Persons in Trade, unconnected with the Upper Floors’. This refers to the provision of a self-contained unit, consisting of shop at ground level and apartment at mezzanine level, and entirely separate residential quarters on the remaining upper floors. The ground plan of the Rotunda and New Assembly Rooms is by Frederick Trench. Most of the rooms survive, some in modified form; only the Card Room has disappeared. Scale: 10’ : 1” Size: 46 ½” x 32 ¼” - 118 ½ cms x 82 cms Paper (four sheets mounted onto canvas and bound with tape); ink; watercolours.

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