Arthur Newstead Diary

My Grandfather Arthur Newstead served with the 225th and 101st Field Company Royal Engineers from July 18th 1916 until he returned home to Norwich April 4th 1919. His diary details hair-raising day to day events, names and addresses of fellow soldiers, formulas for demolition and for bridge building, a record of his pay etc. he was the youngest of eight brothers who served in WW1. Amazingly all of them survived.
33 Diary scans and various documents relating to demob and war pension

Diary page July 18th 1916 - Sept 26th 1916 Joins 225th company R E. at the Somme. Present at the offensive of 3rd September. Heavy losses
Joins 225th RE
Goes over the top, 400yds of trench captured
Diary page September 26th - Oct 28. Digs communication trench through no mans land. Goes over top 28th October. 400yds trench captured
Major offensive Beaumont Hamel?
Diary entry November 13th 1916 - big offensive 5000 prisoners captured
Comparatively quiet Friday
Diary entry November 15th - 26th 1916. Troop movements
Ypres. 6000 prisoners.
Diary entry Dec 21st 1916 - June 7th 1917. June 2nd bombardment. Slightly gassed - in hospital for 26 days. Runs into a brother Ernie
Diary entry June 11th - July 24th (page order is confused)
Ypres. Mines. Hill 60
Carnage in the open. Only cover shell holes
Diary entry July 28th - August 20th 1917
Intense bombardment, company loses, 30 horses killed.
Diary entry August 21st - September 4th 1917
Fed up with this front 15,000 prisoners taken
Diary entry September 14th - October 14th 1917
Diary entry October 18th 1917 - February 16th 1918
Arrives Italian front Dec 2nd
Diary entry February 22nd - March 22nd 1918
Home leave March 2nd - 16th
Osiago Plateau ?
Diary entry March 27th - June 15th 1918
Major Offensive, gas shells
Diary entry June 15th - 18th 1918
Diary entry July 20th - Sept 27th 1918
Various billets
Diary entry October 13th - 27th 1918
Big attack October 27th
Diary entry November 4th 1918
Armistice to be signed by Austria
Earthquake. Germany signs Armistice
Diary entry October 6th - November 11th 1918
Diary entry November 21st 1918 - March 4th 1919
Attached to 101st
Arrives home
Diary entry March 23rd - April 4th 1919
Starts work
Diary entry May 5th 1919 - October 24th 1919
Diary entry no date
Calculate load bearing capacity of temporary bridges
Addresses and map of GB
Diary entry figures for 24/2/18 to 23/3/19
List of monies
Diary entry March 14th 1919 The 6 Points of the 101st
Rebellion in the ranks?
List of authors, notes about leatherworking?
List of french towns, addresses
notes and figures
Pvte F Soames?
Remittance home, notes on commencement of war
Addresses, notes on demolition
Last page, largely indecipherable
Official document
Birth Certificate
Recruit's Identity Slip
Demob Document Cover
Demob Account
Identity Certificate
Transfer to Reserve
Pension Award
Pension Certificate
Pension Stopped

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David Newstead







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Arthur Newstead
Arthur Newstead
A Newstead














Europeana 1914-1918


Europeana 1914-1918










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