Transcribathon România 2017

Four Cities, One Week!

Transcribathon Romania was an online citizen-science competition between transcribers from across Romania, which kicked off in Bucharest at the National Library on Tuesday 21 March 2017. Those interested in transcribing Romanian documents were invited to join the events in Bucharest, Brasov, Sibiu and Cluj. In each city, teams competed in 48-hour runs to transcribe the rich collection of Romanian documents on Europeana 1914-1918.


A particular focus was put on the transcription of the beautifully-illustrated diaries of Dimitru Nistor, who spent the entire war in prisoner of war camps in Japan. Discover his intriguing story here.

The winning team was Cluj 06 consiting of: Ancuța Zubașcu, Ioana Roxana Orza, Simina-Diana Șuiu and Andreea Pop, who transcribed 128,249 characters within just 48 hours and won a trip to our next international event the Berlin Transcribathon Campus 2017 in June.


The winning teams in each city are teams București 06Brașov 03Sibiu 04 and Cluj 06.


The best individual transcribers are Daniela Cristea, from the participating librarians and Andreea Pop, from the participating students.


As a result of the competition, ALL of the assigned Romanian documents with a total of over 1 million characters were transcribed! They include all three volumes of the Nistor diaries, which were published as printed books later in 2017.