Summer Renovations – Participate, Transcribe and Discover!

From Wednesday 16 August 2017 on, you might notice some things that are new about the website.

For starters, the top menu has been reconceptualised with the headings PARTICIPATE, TRANSCRIBE, and DISCOVER. Under PARTICIPATE is information about the project, our introductory welcome pages and access to all of our runs and events. The section TRANSCRIBE gets you started with our tutorials, and under DISCOVER, you can browse through all of our content in a variety of ways.

We have listened to your feedback and you can now find major improvements to our search function. To access the search bar, click on the white bar on the front page or the purple magnifying glass on the top-right corner of any page of the website. Type your enquiry in the bar and filter your results as transcriptions, documents and/or text on the website, and then press Enter.

We have additionally broadened the field to allow cooperation with other institutions. It’s now easier for you, as an educator, to incorporate Transcribathon into classes and courses. And if you are part of a cultural heritage institution, we can assist you with running your own event (coming soon!).

For our non-English-speaking transcribers, we have made a number of pages in French, German, and Italian (coming soon!). Included are full tutorials, welcome pages and guides for heritage (coming soon!) and educational institutions. The main website and transcription tool will remain in English, but we hope that through these additional pages, we can make Transcribathon more accessible to those speaking languages other than English.

We hope you enjoy the new website! Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any feedback or inquiries.