Looking for Easter Eggs on Transcribathon

From Thursday 13 April 2017 onwards, a selection of documents dedicated to the Easter spirit will be ready to transcribe!

Even during the daily hardships of the war, fathers sent their children beautiful drawings from the front, women organised special ‘Egg collections’ for injured soldiers, and regiments continued to hold celebrations marking the beginning of spring. Featuring a variety of beautifully-illustrated postcards, drawing, poems and letters, these sources have been hand-picked to get all of our transcribers excited for this special holiday by transcribing these sentimental accounts from World War One.

Immerse yourself in the testimonies of the women, men and children of WW1 and look for Easter surprises here »

This special feature is not a competitive Run, but will remain on the website permanently. Don’t forget to spread the word via social media with the hashtag #Transcribathon