Step 3: Location

If you find a location mentioned or recognise a place in the item, you can create a geotag and pin it to the item map. Multiple locations can be attached to the item.

To tag locations, select the tagging tab at the top menu of the Activity Panel. Click the plus next to the heading LOCATIONS.

Type the location into the search bar and select the result that best applies. A new pin will be placed into the map.

The location name should be a clear georeference, e.g. a country, city or address. Make adjustments to the location name if necessary. You can also adjust the position of the pin by dragging it on the map.

If you want to add further details to the location, you can write a (short) description. This could include extra information about the geotag (e.g. the building name or a significant event that took place at the location) or the relevance of the place to the item (e.g. the hometown of the author).

You can also add a Wikidata reference to link the location to a stable source. Search for the reference using the Wikidata fields.

Once you have finished your location tag, click SAVE.

You can find the place(s) tagged to the item in grey at the bottom of the Location(s) section.