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April 2024: Up into Space

On April 12, 1961, the first human journey into space took place. This month, we are celebrating the spirit of exploration and the limitless possibilities of space by presenting to you our Astronomy-themed collection. Start your own celestial journey through time with our historical documents!


Manuscrits de la bibliothèque Carré d'art de Nîmes. Mélanges d'astronomie et d'histoire naturelle. Lettre à Séguier.

2 Items

Letter from Lodovico Zucconi (1706-1783), an author of 'De heliometri structura et usu' (1760) to Jean-François Séguier (1703-1784), a French astronomer, about his observation of a comet.

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Astronomical observations and correspondences of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. || Observations et correspondances astronomiques des XVIIe et XVIIIe siècles.

190 Items

Among others are observations made in Beijing by the French Jesuits in 1694 and 1695 and an observation of the lunar eclipse, in 1776, by Le Monnier.

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Astronomia pisana przez Michała Pełkę Polińskiego w czasie Lekcyy dawanych przez W[ielebne]go Jgnacego Reszkę Professora Astronomii w Jmperatorskim Wilenskim Uniwersytecie z Roku 1804 na 1805; z Roku 1805 na 1806; z R[ok]u 1807 na 1808 /

182 Items

The course of Ignotas Reška's astronomy lectures (1804, 1805, 1807), given at the Vilnius Imperial University, and written down by his student M. Pelkas-Polinskis. Included are astronomical calculations, formulas, and drawings.

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„Wielmozny Mosci Dobrodzieiu Z nieskonczonym utesknieniem czekam od WUM Pana Dia listu, bos mi...“

1 Item

Martynas Počobutas (1728-1810), a Polish–Lithuanian astronomer and mathematician, reports that he observed Mercury moving across the Sun.

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„Monsieur et très cher ami. Prawda, że czas nam przerwać tak długie milczenie...“

1 Item

After a long time since their last correspondence, Martynas Počobutas (1728-1810) writes a letter to the addressee about his life, work and observations.

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„Opisanie Krzesła słuzącego do obserwacji Astronomicznych“

1 Item

Description of the chair used in astronomical observations sent to Martynas Počobutas (1728-1810) in Warsaw.

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Sir, the expence of the instruments which You desire... : [laiškas].

1 Item

Nevil Maskelyne (1732-1811), a prominent British astronomer, responds to Norvaiša's letter by providing him with information regarding the prices of the ordered devices and providing recommendations on alternative manufacturers capable of producing the necessary devices.

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Die Aktionstage am 6. und 7. November in Zwickau wurden aufgrund der am 28. Oktober 2020 beschlossenen Maßnahmen von Bund und Ländern leider abgesagt.

Sophie Germain

Die Burg Mylau im Vogtland gehört zu den eindrucksvollen mittelalterlichen Burganlagen Sachsens. Im 19. Jahrhundert bezogen die Baumwollspinnerei des Textilunternehmers Christian Gotthelf Brückner (1808-1828) und die Kattun- und Wolldruckerei Baust (1868-1894) die Burg. Die handschriftlichen Kopierbücher des Briefwechsels der Baumwollspinnerei zwischen 1814 und 1816 können Sie hier transkribieren.

Spionageverhaal van Mieke Dekkers

Maria van Echelpoel geboren in Vosselaar, als jong meisje gaan dienen in Antwerpen. Reis Antwerpen-Vosselaar. Ze kwam in aanraking met de verzetsbeweging. Woonde in de Steenovenstraat. Ook gekend als Mieke Dekkers. Zij smokkelde gegevens van Turnhout/Vosselaar naar Antwerpen. Vanuit Antwerpen gingen de documenten dan naar Brussel. De Duitse bezetters vermoedden iets en op het einde van de oorlog werd de spionage ontdekt.

Baumwollspinnerei Brückner in der Burg Mylau

Die Burg Mylau im Vogtland gehört zu den eindrucksvollen mittelalterlichen Burganlagen Sachsens. Im 19. Jahrhundert bezogen die Baumwollspinnerei des Textilunternehmers Christian Gotthelf Brückner (1808-1828) und die Kattun- und Wolldruckerei Baust (1868-1894) die Burg. Die handschriftlichen Kopierbücher des Briefwechsels der Baumwollspinnerei zwischen 1814 und 1816 können Sie hier transkribieren.

Stories of the Month for July 2021

September 2023: Letter-Writing

Celebrate the beauty of handwritten letters by transcribing our selection, created on the occasion of World Letter Writing Day, September 1st.

Personal letter from J. Daly to his daughter

1 Item

Front || Personal undated letter from J.Daly to his daughter discussing weather and the fact that he might require some good wool socks.

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Brief von Lorenz Löffler aus Trelon

2 Items

Feldpostbrief vom Großvater Lorenz Löffler, der im ersten Weltkrieg in Frankreich war.

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FRAN-PA-145 Correspondance amoureuse

26 Items

Love correspondence from the front, dated 1917-1918.

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Letter to refugee from Governorate of Kurzeme Otilija Krampe in Valmiera from friend Zelma from Steķi

3 Items

Letter to refugee from Governorate of Kurzeme Otilija Krampe in Valmiera from friend Zelma from Steķi. Zelma tells Otila about works in fields. She also informs that Cossacks again settled down at her house.

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'Coded' Postcard

1 Item

Back || Postcard sent between two young women in Derby showing an example of the unusual stamp placement they used as a code.

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Papiers de Pauline Viardot.XIXe-XXe s. I-II Lettres adressées à Pauline Viardot. I Abertich-Rubinstein.

433 Items

Letters addressed to Pauline Viardot (1821-1910), French soprano, pedagogue and composer, by other renowned personalities of the 19th century.

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Listy Narcyzy Żmichowskiej do rodziny i wydawców z lat 1838-1875

174 Items

Letters from Narcyza Żmichowska (1819-1876), a Polish novelist and poet, to her relatives. She is known for her revolutionary works in feminist literature.

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FRAN-PA-113 Correspondance envoyée par Joseph Doniot

12 Items

Correspondence from Joseph Doniot from the front to home in form of field postcards.

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August 2022: PHOTOGRAPHY

The world photography day is around the corner. We would like to contibute to it with a selection of century-old photographs. Describe, date and geo-locate what you see!


Joseph Kühlweins Fotos von der Balkanfront

The photo album with pictures from the years 1915/16 was taken by the architect Joseph Kühlwein, about whom it is only known that he was killed in action in the Champagne region of France. Coming to Innsbruck from Augsburg, Kühlwein spent the following months exclusively in Southeastern Europe. His places of stay include Serbia (in Gradiste he photographed prisoners of war), Romania (near Timisoara he also photographed the German minority), Macedonia and more.


Fotoalbum von Walther Scholz

Photo album of Walther Scholz (19.12.1896 - June 1950) from Reichenberg/Bohemia, with photos from various theatres of war (Eastern Front: Posiencz, Rosulna, Sototwina, Kolomea, Karlinestia, Ruthena, Niewoczin, Kamien, Komatschka, Czatoria, Czernowitz; Italy: Colle Umberto, Alps). Walther Scholz was awarded the Silver Medal for Bravery (2nd class).


Foto di Michelangelo De Toni

Photos of Michelangelo De Toni, corporal major, born in Malo (Vicenza) on 8 October 1898, decorated with the Military Cross on 12 December 1918 for having participated in the war front on Monte Grappa. Michelangelo De Toni's story can be found in the volume 'Epopea di Malo' by Silvio Eupani; while his photos have been partly published in the volume 'Malo nella Grande Guerra' ('Malo in the Great War').


Le fotografie de: La Grande Guerra Storie di uomini | di luoghi e di battaglie - Biblioteca Universitaria di Genova - esposizione

Photographs from 2014 exhibition 'LA GRANDE GUERRA. Storie di uomini, di luoghi e di battaglie - Mostra fotografica' ('The First World War. Stories of men, places and battles - Photo exhibition') in Genoa. The photos cover the initial period of the conflict, from 1914 to 1916, in which the European powers were mainly involved and the course of the war seemed to be all in favour of the Central Empires, despite the disparity of forces on the field between the two sides.


Foto boek

Father of the contributor was an avid postcard collector. He left this photo album, origins of which are unknown. Photographs were taken around 1914/1915 at a border crossing, among other places. A stream of refugees, some of them recognisable as Belgians, can be seen.


Diverse foto's en documenten van Britse en Duitse origine

Album with aerial and panoramic photographs of various war fronts in Flanders and Northern France, photographs of aircraft, Christmas in Ostend, German soldiers, British army, etc. Book, bought in Ypres, belonged to anonymous photographer, and is probably of English origin.


PH413 Hermann (Heřman) Brabec

Heřman Brabec, enlisted in the Austro-Hungarian army, he served for a long time in Boka Kotorska in Montenegro. During this time, he made hundreds of photos for his personal archive. Among them are photos from the coastal fortress Mamula, Austrian warships, sceneries, studio photos, and two photographs of an execution scene.



Album with photographs by and of Leonhard Michel (22.4.1898-12.11.1993) from Munich. The album is carefully organized and includes both peaceful photographs of comrades, cities, as well as scenes of devastation and POWs.

August 2023: Recipes

July 2021: FAMILY

Our pick of the month for you are four stories revolving around children and family life during the First World War.  Among these are one child’s view of the news of the day , experiences of big families, tellings of parental love and dedication. Choose a story, transcribe and compete!


Zeichnungen von Kriegsereignissen des Schülers Franz Przybyla

Pupil's picture chronicle of the war

Franz Przybyla created these drawing as a part of a school project in 1918/19. It contains 72 drawings, among which are the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, siege of Tsingtau, and Russian Revolution. Later Franz Przybyla became a painter.


FRAM - Jeanne Génot | institutrice à Champigneulles (Meurthe-et-Moselle)

The notebook of a teacher

This diary, describing the military and political news of the day was led by Jeanne Génot, a teacher from Champigneulles in Meurthe-et-Moselle. It is likely that her students have also collaborated on it. The aptly named notebook "La guerre" was discovered in 1969 by the diarist's granddaughter upon the former's death.


Garth Diaries and lock of hair

An account of going into Germany

Gordon Garth (Sergeant in the Royal Army Medical Corps) carried these notebooks on him to keep an account of the campaign. Carefully among its pages was kept a lock of hair from his daughter Beatrice.


PH075 Bratři Jan a Rudolf Václavovi

Story of Václav brothers

Photos, diaries and correspondence of brothers Jan and Rudolf, two out of six Václav siblings. In 1915 they both enlisted in Brno. Jan was killed in the battle of Passo Tonale on 13 June 1918. Rudolf was captured in Russia but returned home after the war and started a family.


July 2021 Mini Run

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